How Big? How Much? & What We Have!

Our Turkeys range in size from 6 to 13 pounds. We are unique in that you can order that size that you require as long as it is available. A rule of thumb for size is a third to half a pound per person for average eaters. Of course, this may vary, but we find this to be accurate in most cases.

Size of Turkey Price How many does it feed? Estimate Shipping
6 lbs. Available! $35.70 12 to 18 $ Enter your Shipping Zip Code below and press Go to populate Estimated Shipping Column
UPS Shipping vehicle
7 lbs. Available! $41.20 14 to 21 $
8 lbs. Available! $46.70 16 to 24 $
9 lbs. Available! $52.15 18 to 27 $
10 lbs. Available! $57.65 20 to 30 $
11 lbs. Available! $63.15 22 to 33 $
12 lbs. Available! $68.65 24 to 36 $
13 lbs. Available! $74.10 26 to 39 $

As we approach the holidays, we may run short of specific sizes. We ask that you order early to ensure that the size of your choice is available. 

Estimated shipping rates are based on weight and distance. Our Turkeys are shipped primarily by UPS Ground Service They will be delivered to your destination Tuesday through Friday of the week that you selected, except for Thanksgiving week in which they will arrive Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.